The Last Spy

Just re-released as an e-book, this Washington Post best seller takes place as the Soviet Union collapses, and pits Russians against Russians in Washington without any US citizens ever finding out. If you like the TV hit "The Americans," you'll like a novel that the NY Times said, "powerfully evokes the espionage agent's mind-set of distrust, and piles the insecurity created by the Soviet coup onto the already treacherous state of being a spy within a system of spying."

Bought outright by Paramount pictures, the Washington Post called the novel, "sparkling and fast paced." Kirkus, "a crackjack spy yarn." Publishers Weekly, "This well wrought tale perfectly captures the undercover agent's sense of paranoia, the inability to trust anyone or anything and the consequences of that terrible loneliness."

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Raised together, trained together, married to each other, this cadre of Soviet spies is trapped in the US as the Soviet Union collapses.
"White Plague" received numerous raves. "Stunning," said Linda Fairstein. "Relentless action and suspense," said Alex Berenson. Steve Berry: "A stellar novel of action, adventure and intrigue." John Sanford: "Fast, well written entertainment wrapped around something to think about." Lisa Gardner: "A bone thrilling chiller." Booklist gave it a starred review. Kirkus Reviews called the author, "...a master of this chilled universe."
The side effect of a new drug heightens human intuition to an astounding degree. Who will control the drug?
A genetically engineered microbe has stopped the world's petroleum supply. If an antidote isn't found within 50 days, the collapse will reach the point of no return. "The book is very good and interesting and makes you think." - Good Morning America
“The Coming Storm is the most readable and intelligent summary of global warming science and politics I have read.” Bill McKibben,
--New York Observer
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The novel examines how far a free society can and should go in combating terrorism.

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